There are many places in Budapest which you cannot miss from your bucket list. One of the most well-known places is the Chain Bridge.



The bridge was opened in 1849 and its aim was to make contact between East and West. The bridge got its name by the major supporter of the construction, has was István Széchenyi. The bridge can be found next to the Zero Kilometre Stone on the Buda side, while we can find Gresham Palace on the Pest side. It was of immense importance in the country's economic, social and cultural life, as well as the famous buildings of other nations, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It was the first symbol in Hungary which presents the national awakening.
The bridge was designed by the famous English engineer, William Tierney Clark and they started to build from 1840 till 1849. Before this united focus its power to build a fixed bridge in Budapest, usually people used temporary bridges, which was built from Pontoons.

Clark got the ideas from a previous project which was built in England, in Marlow. The only question in the history of the building of the Chain Bridge is: why they not worked with Hungarian Engineers? The answer is easy because in the 19th century the engineers of Hungary did not have enough experiences in the planning of bridges.
The idea of the construction has started in 1830 when Count Széchenyi established the Hungarian Bridge Committee. It was close to 10 years why they started to build a bridge and make a decision which plan is going to be the truth. The construction starts with a leading of Scottish engineer, Adam Clark.

About the bridge

It has a long history and we hope will be much longer

Let’ see the ingredients of the Chain Bridge: Some interesting numbers about it!

The bridge’s length is 375 meters it's wide 16 meters.
2 stone lion statues protect the bridge on both sides
The exact opening date is: 20th of November in 1849
Distance between two pillars is 202 meter

Hungary has a national day in 20th of August when they celebrate the foundation of the country. Usually, there is a ceremony which is on the river Danube and happens with a firework show. If you would like to see and celebrate together with Hungarians, join for a river cruise on the Danube or rent a private boat or just take a walk on the side of the Danube and you can see the best moments of the Event.

Red Bull Air Race is getting started to be a traditional event at Budapest in every year when the World’s Champions of Pilots measure their strength.

Best view of Chain Bridge – Where is the best panorama of it?

Do you like to take wonderful pictures of the most popular Hungarian Buildings, such as Chain Bridge is? Visit the following points of Budapest and we can guarantee you the unforgettable view and best-rated photos.

Chain Bridge view from the Danube River Cruise

Find a river cruise in Budapest and buy tickets for this tourist attraction where you will have a chance to take pictures about the Bridge from the middle or downside also. Most of the great pictures of the bridge were made here.

Whole city view and Chain Bridge from the Buda Castle


From here you can see the Chain Bridge from the line view with a little bit right side perspective behind the Hungarian Parliament of it. If you take an hour by walk to reach this point you can have a nice lunch and dinner in the castle also.

Citadel perspective – Chain Bridge from the heights

One of the most visited place in Budapest is the Citadel on the top of the Gellért Hill which is the part of UNESCO World Heritage. This place hosts the best view of the city. If you would like to see most of the capital of Hungary and see the bridges, this is an ideal place for.


Visit the bridge from the special view! Book for a Danube Cruise in Budapest

Discover the Bridge and see the best part of the city, take wonderful pictures

Visit the city by bus or cruise and see the best part of it

Chain Bridge is waiting for you sincs 1849